Climate: A New Playbook to Address The Crisis You Care About
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Frederic Laloux Candice Dial

The crisis you care about - whether it is climate change, biodiversity collapse, racism, inequality, poverty, pandemics or the erosion of democracy, is most likely so complex it can't be solved with policy or investments alone. Deep system change is rarely possible without massive public engagement.
This is the hard part. Take climate change: We are walking straight into the abyss, scientists ring the alarm bell with ever more urgency, and yet nothing seems to jolt us into large-scale collective action. It’s maddening!
Could we be using a broken playbook? “Give people the facts and they will wake up and act” has never really worked - not against smoking, not against AIDS, not against teen pregnancy. In the case of climate change, it is often counter-productive, pushing people deeper into defensiveness and apathy.
In this session, Frederic Laloux will share key ingredients of a more powerful playbook, based on his and his team’s research into past movements, which successfully broke through fear and apathy, as well as recent insight from the psychology of social change.
To bring the session to life, he’ll invite us to experience a shortened version of The Week, his new project for mass mobilization to address the climate crisis, and will highlight along the way, transferable principles of a more powerful playbook for mass engagement.
This session is presented by Rockefeller Capital Management.

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Cultivate the Mind
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