Beyond Wealth - A Journey to Balance, Fulfilment & Joy [Europe/Americas]
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 12:00 PM - 12:35 PM
Robert Boogaard Brent Kessel

“Evolutionary, we’re programmed to always want more. When should we ask: have I got enough? I’m still in the middle of this journey…” – Brent Kessel

Join GPC Member Robert Boogaard and Brent Kessel as they share insights from their personal journeys through the Enough Project, which aims to curate a conversation around the following questions: When do we have enough wealth? How can we best use our valuable resources to do an extraordinary amount of good? Might we actually enjoy a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment, both because we align our choices with the fact that there's never enough to bring us permanent security or contentment, and by knowing we are part of the solution?

This session will include live discussion and pre-recorded content.

Session Type
Cultivate the Mind
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9:00 AM Pacific Time
12:00 PM Eastern Time
1:00 PM Brazil Standard Time