Full Name
Semih Yalman
Job Title
In the past, an internationally-schooled global business executive, serving within the field of perception strategy design and soft power modelling, Semih chose to come into his own through kundalini and sufi life-altering experiences. He discovered his greater life purpose, which is reaching out to the youth, enabling them to express themselves and making sure they are listened to.

Today, Semih is serving life in multiple roles such as a poet, writer, social entrepreneur, composer, artist, university professor, yoga teacher, horseman, advisor and imagineer;
Poking people towards into their own and helping communities/establishments with solving problems through injecting hope, bringing simplification and clarity, encouraging fluidity and trial. He aspires to be the bridge between dreamers and their dream, in other words “us and our” collective future. Semih is a big believer in a healthy human evolution under the pre-condition of science and belief systems merger in peace. He lives his life under the motto: "you are your other half, but you are what you dream of, so do dare to try to bridge into your future present".

Author of 15 books covering topics such as imagination, perception, prejudice, love, inner journaling, flow, hereditary & discriminative behavior, spiritual outburst, and meditative journeying. Semih is also a composer and performing artist of 9 music albums in multiples genres, available on Spotify.

A graduate of AMP and post graduate programs of Harvard Business School, holding degrees in marketing & communication from Emerson College and literature and philosophy from Hacettepe University, Semih worked with and for global institutions (i.e. Gillette, National Geographic, Cnbc, VW, GE, BBVA, Dogus Conglomerate, WEF) in multiple geographies. Semih is also an academic who designed and lectured courses for undergraduate and graduate programs in Turkey and Spain on perception management, imagination improvement and innovation.

Semih’s “implement change through marketing change agents” methodology is of mention in a Harvard Business School case study. Additionally, he is a multilingual keynote speaker including speeches at TEDx, to which he was invited five times. On personal level, Semih is the father of two children; speaks English, German, Spanish and Turkish and is an active sailor, photographer, horseback rider, kite surfer and yogi.
Semih Yalman