Full Name
Thiciana Zaher
Job Title
Vice president
Instituto SEB
Thiciana Zaher holds a degree in business administration. She lives in the Brazilian northeast state of Bahia and loves to travel and explore new things. She had always been part of the family business and explored different branches within the company, yet did not feel like she fit in to the more business-oriented part of the group. However, when the idea of the Instituto SEB (SEB Institute) came along, as well as her participation in the Synergos' Bridging Leadership for Social Investment program, she discovered her purpose. She is vice president of Instituto SEB and held an active role in its creation. She currently supports its strategic, tactical, and operational sectors.
Instituto SEB focuses on human development and innovative education for children and young adults, enabling them to become protagonists of a more sustainable society. Through the Institute, Thiciana launched Projeto NAU (NAU Project) in 2017, an initiative that seeks to expand opportunities in the workplace for young adults.
Thiciana Zaher