Members of Synergos global network came together in a series of online sessions to explore building the kind of leadership needed to create a most just, peaceful, and regenerative world.


We recognized three outstanding individuals with the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award.


Marc Benioff
Founder, Chair & CEO

Christiana Figueres
Founding Partner
Global Optimism

Eddie Ndopu
United Nations Secretary-General's Global Advocate for Sustainable Development

And we connected in a series of additional  interactive convenings on 27-29  October, designed to cultivate the soul, cultivate the mind, and foster collective action, including:


Cultivate the Soul

  • Moving from Fear to Presence in Uncertain Times
  • Navigational Skills for a Changing World
  • Open Networking: Inner Work

Cultivate the Mind

  • Protecting People in a Pandemic: Human Rights & COVID-19
  • Re-connecting to the Web of Life
  • Power & Representation in Media    
  • Open Networking: Inclusive Systems


Collective Action

  • A Healthy Planet for the Future (limited to Synergos GPC members)
  • Open Networking: Collaboration

This year, participation in the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award and most Synergos Global Gathering sessions were offered free-of-charge. The Bridging Leadership Award gala remains a fundraiser for our work around the world, and we thank those who made voluntary contributions or sponsored the event.





Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor


William H. Donner Foundation

Peggy Dulany


Rockefeller Foundation



Ai Luming

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Mo Ibrahim

Lunt Family


Susan and David Rockefeller, Jr.

Adele Simmons

Sarah Timpson



Marcos de Moraes

Serge Dumont

Corinne Evens

Gary Ford and Nancy Ebb


Agnes Gund

Michael Lunt


Award Jury

Peggy Dulany, Serge Dumont, Mo Ibrahim, Paul Polman, Valerie Rockefeller, Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor, and Zainab Salbi

Gala Committee

Peggy Dulany, Serge Dumont, Zainab Salbi, and Monica Winsor

Special Thanks

Gotham Hall