David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award - Online Tuesday, 27 October

We're celebrating bridging leadership the ability to build trust for collective action.

Bridging leadership represents a paradigm shift in our approach to leadership: a movement away from less-inclusive forms of decision-making that have dominated much of human history.

In our increasingly interconnected world, this form of leadership is essential for creating the collaboration needed to solve local, national and global challenges. 

The Bridging Leadership Award was first presented in 2003 to David Rockefeller, for whom it is now named.  This year, philanthropists, social investors, and business, government, and nonprofit leaders will gather digitally to recognize three leaders who exemplify this inclusive approach to solving complex problems:


Marc Benioff
Founder, Chair & CEO

Christiana Figueres
Founding Partner
Global Optimism

Eddie Ndopu
United Nations Secretary-General's Global Advocate for Sustainable Development

We’ll hear ideas and inspiration on how to address critical challenges around the world. And we’ll explore how we can each grow as bridging leaders – bringing people together to build a more peaceful, equitable, and  regenerative world. 

Are you ready to become a trust builder?

This year, participation in the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award and most Synergos Global Gathering sessions is offered free-of-charge. The Bridging Leadership Award gala remains a fundraiser for our work around the world, and we hope that you will make a voluntary contribution or sponsor the event.

The David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award Gala will be presented three times - choose the showing that is most convenient for you.


Also featuring

Paul Polman
Co-Founder and Chair


Zainab Salbi
Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Author & Media Commentator


Tuelo Minah
Singer & Songwriter


Peggy Dulany
Founder and Chair


Henri van Eeghen


Marilia Bezerra
Managing Director, Philanthropy




Carlos and Gabriela Rodríguez-Pastor


William H. Donner Foundation

Peggy Dulany


Rockefeller Foundation



Bloomberg Philanthropies

Mo Ibrahim

Lunt Family

Susan and David Rockefeller, Jr.


Adele Simmons

Sarah Timpson



Marcos de Moraes

Serge Dumont

Corinne Evens

Gary Ford and Nancy Ebb


Agnes Gund

Michael Lunt


Award Jury

Peggy Dulany, Serge Dumont, Mo Ibrahim, Paul Polman, Valerie Rockefeller, Carlos Rodríguez-Pastor, and Zainab Salbi

Gala Committee

Peggy Dulany, Serge Dumont, Zainab Salbi, and Monica Winsor

Special Thanks

Gotham Hall