Wednesday, June 16 - Cultivate the Mind Program

Beyond Wealth – A Journey to Balance, Fulfilment & Joy

When do we have enough wealth? How can we best use our valuable resources to do an extraordinary amount of good? Might we actually enjoy a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment, both because we align our choices with the fact that there's never enough to bring us permanent security or contentment, and by knowing we are part of the solution?


Enough Project –

This session included live discussion and pre-recorded content. 

Semih Yalman

Robert Boogaard
Managing Director
PCG Investments

Brent Kessel
CEO & Co-Founder
Abacus Wealth Partners

Corazon (Dinky) Soliman
Activist and Board Member

Moderator for Asia/Africa/Europe session

Beyond Silence – The Power of Storytelling & Solidarity in Systemic Change

One story. Sometimes, that's all it takes to start a movement.

When Soma Sara shared her story about rape culture (or the normalizing of misogyny and sexual violence) in March 2020, she received an overwhelming response from others that also had a story to tell.

What started as an Instagram story is now Everyone’s Invited, a movement committed to exposing and eradicating rape culture. Since March 2021 over 15,000 anonymous testimonies have been submitted and shared, sparking both national and global conversations and action.

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Soma Sara
Everyone's Invited

Beyond Water Access: The Power of Art to Change Lives

Our community had the pleasure of attending an inspiring chat about ‘The Power of Art to create real and positive change:  how that idea was influenced by Cirque du Soleil, and how it became central to the One Drop Foundation in its mission to ensure sustainable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene to the world’s most vulnerable communities.  To learn more about creative partnership opportunities we invite you to contact the foundation directly at

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Jean-Louis Dufresne
One Drop Foundation

Georgina Bloomberg
One Drop Foundation

Daniel Lamarre
Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

Peggy Dulany
Founder &  Chair

Climate – A New Playbook to Address The Crisis You Care About

 The crisis you care about - whether it is climate change, biodiversity collapse, racism, inequality, poverty, pandemics or the erosion of democracy, is most likely so complex it can't be solved with policy or investments alone. Deep system change is rarely possible without massive public engagement.

In this session, Frederic Laloux shared key ingredients of a more powerful playbook, based on his and his team’s research into past movements, which successfully broke through fear and apathy, as well as recent insight from the psychology of social change.

Frederic had us experience a shortened version of The Week , his new project for mass mobilization to address the climate crisis, and will highlight along the way, transferable principles of a more powerful playbook for mass engagement

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This networking session was exclusive to GPC members and select groups. It was presented by Rockefeller Capital Management.

Candice Dial
Director of ESG Investments
Rockefeller Capital Management 

Frederic Laloux
Business Thinker,
Speaker & Social Entrepreneur

Rockefeller Capital Management

Beyond Divides – This Moment in the United States & the Possibility of an Economy for All

In the United States, we are living in a moment of division. Political, economic, cultural, ideological, geographical - these divides are exacerbated by inequality. In the case of Americans' economic wellbeing, decades of policy decisions and structural inequities are leaving certain groups dangerously far behind. How can we create an economy that brings people together instead of pushing them (further) apart? And how can philanthropy be part of this transformation? 

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Dr. Angela Jackson
Managing Director & Lead, Future of Work
New Profit

Beth Marcus
Executive Vice President for Resource Development

Beyond Expectations – GPC 20th Anniversary Celebration

Members reflected on 20 years of transformative philanthropy and looked forward at the role of giving as we move beyond.

Peggy Dulany
Founder &  Chair