“How might dialogue liberate us to connect across our differences?”
“What if we support one another to take action on things that matter to us?”
“How might dialogue enable us to show care, solidarity and support to those that need it most?”
“What skills allow us to take action on behalf of uplifting our communities?”

Our world is beautiful and diverse - all around us we see increasing patterns of intolerance for others, hostility among people from different cultures, social backgrounds, religions and ideologies. Through no fault of their own, young people are growing up inheriting the burden of these conflicts
feeling unprepared and disconnected.

What might be possible when Youth lead, and adults support them, to take action and play a role in changing our most pressing challenges.
Weaving together dialogue, creativity and music, The Power of Dialogue [The POD] creates a space to exchange wisdom, imagine new possibilities
and practice community leadership.

In 2021, Partners for Youth Empowerment, Music For Dialogue and Synergos Global Dialogue Initiative came together in partnership to support 30 young leaders and 6 mentors to find new ways to reimagine our world and practice the art of dialogue towards taking action together on the things we care about.

The program began with THE POD Online Gathering from August 23-27, a week-long immersive experience, where participants formed strong connections with other youth leaders from around the world. The support and mentorship received was to prepare participants to develop and lead social action projects that address a challenge in their communities through dialogue. By unleashing their creative powers and honing fundamental skills of dialogue, they left THE POD prepared to take on responsibility to lead across lines of difference in their communities and future careers.


Registration for groups of youth (ages of 15-19) who:

  • Have an interest in becoming leaders that bring people together.
  • Ideally have participated in prior programs with your organization and demonstrated both an appreciation for your approach and an interest in increased leadership opportunities.
  • Can commit to five 3.5-hour sessions between August 23-27th (9am-12:30pm Pacific Daylight Time / 6pm - 9:30pm Central European Summer Time), one additional regional cohort meeting between Sessions 4 and 5, as well as the development and implementation of the local action project in the month following the initial program
  • Are proficient in English
  • Have access to Zoom and a stable internet connection


The mentors coordinate participation of their own youth cohorts, coach their cohort through the delivery of their local action project, and work with lead facilitators to foster an environment of safety, creativity, and deep dialogue.
We are excited to work to with you!

The mentor will:

  • Support 4-5 youth to apply and commit to the program.
  • Attend two 2 x hour training sessions early August prior to the program.
  • Participate fully throughout the week-long program and gather insights.
  • Meet youth between session 4 and 5 to support development of social action projects.
  • Coach and coordinate their cohort as they deliver a local project within 1 month following the program and present their findings in the final presentation.
  • Attend a 2 hour event with the POD partners and youth to showcase the projects.

*A musical background is not required to participate in this program.