Bridging leadership is a leadership style that focuses on promoting multi-stakeholder processes to address complex social, institutional, and environmental challenges.

It represents a paradigm shift in our approach to leadership: a movement away from less-inclusive forms of decision-making that have dominated much of human history.

A movement away from ego, hierarchy, and fear.

  • Bridging leadership is about leading collaborative action to bring about change by convening stakeholders to the problem (ownership).
  • It is a tool which helps stakeholders to adopt a social innovation that leads to a social outcome, and carries it out through new institutional arrangements (co-creation).
  • It is a process of dialogue and engagement that enables stakeholders to arrive at a common vision and collective response to the challenge (co-ownership).

Bridging leadership skills include:

  • Listening, empathy and self-awareness
  • Ability to connect with diverse audiences/stakeholders
  • Being secure, with low ego needs
  • Systems thinking
  • Ability to design, convene and manage a process of partnership.

Synergos uses bridging leadership to help solve complex problems around the world.

We enable stakeholders with diverse viewpoints and interests to come together to generate, test, and implement ideas that create lasting social change.

And we help philanthropists and other changemakers increase their impact by enabling them to connect to purpose, build trust, and collaborate with others.

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