Nature has a message for you...
It is time we come back to ourselves, reconnect with one another and learn from the loving embrace of our natural world.

Interconnectedness is the organizing principle of all life in the planet. Yet, we experience a deepening chasm, a sense of separation from ourselves, from each other and from nature. We can see, feel, and touch the suffering this causes in our own lives, as we can see it reflected in the state of the world.

To behave as if we were separate units is to barrel forward, oblivious to ourselves and the ecosystem we inhabit, focusing instead on chasing individual status, “progress,” and achievement. Ignoring the interconnected nature of our lives has a clear result: we are all fully engaged in creating our own suffering and, alas, perhaps self-destruction. For whatever we are not changing, we are choosing.

If we don’t like the reality we have created for ourselves, it is time to reconsider and reconnect.

Synergos is thrilled to offer a moment of pause...
a time to reconnect with nature and let its wisdom be our guide.

Our Natural Wisdom Retreat invites you to use nature as your guide and (re)consider your power to (re)create yourself and the world around you. Over the course of five days, you will experience deep and intentional immersion in the hallowed natural surroundings and rich local history of Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Through slowing down, being in community, and listening to your environment as well as your body and heart, you will explore how caring for oneself and the earth can bring about individual and global transformation.


John Preston
Acupuncturist &
Sound Healer

Ajay Dahiya
Managing Director, Philanthropy

Sayadaw U Jagara
Meditation Teacher

Joy Kerfoot
Mind Body Integration

Group at Channel Rock