Reconnecting to Our Life Force
Special Offering with Peggy Dulany

Thursday, November 5, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST

The world is so divided today, on substantive issues, on process issues, on political, social and economic issues. Bridging these divides starts with building trust. As individuals, understanding our own obstacles to becoming our most effective selves, leads to the ability to be open to trusting others who are different from ourselves; and to build trust to create a more peaceful and regenerative world.

At Synergos, we practice a leadership approach we call Bridging Leadership, which we define as the ability to build trust, both with yourself and with others. A fundamental part of the work to be a Bridging Leader is the ability to engage in inner work to increase self-awareness. We see strong connective tissue between inner work and outer action, and believe in the important role personal transformation plays in achieving social action.

Join Synergos founder Peggy Dulany in this special edition Soul Session that will take participants on a unique meditative journey. Peggy will guide the small group through a series of reflective exercises to open the mind and heart, with a focus on finding calm and purpose in the midst of this challenging and disruptive year. Participants are asked to bring their most authentic selves to this intimate group experience.

Ticket Price: $1000 USD

Includes full access to the prior week’s virtual Synergos Global Gathering, as well as the David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award.

Register for the Synergos Global Gathering at the Contributor Level to paticipate in this special session.