The Synergos Global Gathering (SGG) is the flagship annual meeting and event for the Synergos Global Philanthropists Circle.

Rooted in Synergos’ Bridging Leadership approach, the gathering invites participants to reflect deeply, discover new partners, and challenge their assumptions resulting in collective action.

In this time of great disruption and persistent instability, the world needs extraordinary leadership. The 2021 GLOBAL GATHERING aims to challenge philanthropic leaders to THINK BEYOND and build toward a more collaborative future.

Confirmed Speakers

Robert Boogaard, Founder, Jazi Foundation and Managing Director, PCG Investments

Peggy Dulany, Founder & Chair, Synergos

Brent Kessel, CEO & Co-Founder, Abacus Wealth Partners

Jean-Louis Dufresne, CEO, One Drop

Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Laureate

Corazon Dinky Soliman, Activist and Synergos Board Member

Semih Yalman, Founder, Dreamstalk

Daniel Lamarre, CEO, Cirque du Soleil

Each day, the same session will be offered twice, for the convenience of participants around the world, in different time zones. 

Cycle 1 is meant to be catered to participants from Africa, Asia and Europe, while Cycle 2 is meant to be catered to participants from the Americas, Africa and Europe.

Please join the cycle that is most convenient to you.

The 2 days of Interactive Convenings will include:

June 15 - Cultivate the Soul

A day of experiential, inner-work focused gatherings for GPC members and curated guests,  with limited public access.

  • Soul Experience Session
  • Soul Open Session
  • Soul Small Group Discussion

June 16 - Cultivate the Mind

A day of thought leadership discussions, including a keynote broadcast as well as in-depth sessions, and an exclusive Synergos 20th Anniversary networking event.

  • 3 Thought Leadership Sessions + Live Discussion
  • Musical/ Arts Experience
  • Keynote Interview + Networking